Marcus Hiles Paves Way For Suburban Rental Revival

For prior generations, suburban communities built on manufacturing, education and other services were the centerpiece of the American Dream. Nowadays, many towns are changing rapidly to accommodate a strengthening consumer market with modern living and spending habits. Population growth rates in suburbs outside of Dallas, Austin, Charlotte, Atlanta, San Antonio, Houston, Denver, Nashville and Portland are now exceeding their urban counterparts via new, transit oriented communities. The Urban Land Institute reported in December their findings: “contrary to popular perception and most media attention, three-quarters of 25 to 34 year olds in the 50 largest metro areas live in the suburbs.” Marcus Hiles welcomes Millenials’ preference to continue to rent as they leave the city with is luxury rental options, and notes that across the country, upscale apartments are being constructed at an astonishing rate, converting former manufacturing sites and undeveloped areas into upscale living spaces flush with amenities.

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