Marcus Hiles’ Morals: Key to his Success

Marcus Hiles, the undisputed mogul of real estate business in Texas has successfully created over and above 7500 luxurious properties. His instrument to victory, Western Rim Property Services has paved way for some of the most wonderful residences in the state of Texas. It was at an early age that Marcus started believing that it was a consistent plan and utmost dedication to pursue the plan that leads to ones success. It was at the age of 28, Marcus started off with Western Rim Property Services and since then there has been no looking back.

Hiles spent his youth with an inner city minister who raised him and instilled in him morals of highest note and not just that he was infused with a strong work ethic that in future led him to be hard working, and in turn made him believe knowledge, literacy and empowerment is the utmost important. Hiles followed the footsteps of his mentor and gathered enough knowledge. He went for a Bachelors from Rice University and then he moved on to California.

Marcus pursued his Master’s in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.  If we look at the recent history, it has been the great leadership and inspiring ideology from Marcus Hiles that his company thrived through the great recession which spread across the timeline right across 2008 till 2012. A large number of his customers state that it was their belief in his work, his agenda to deliver quality homes at affordable rates that led them to choose his properties during the recession.

The other key factor to his success is Marcus’ strategic architecture. He placed his projects at the center of well-equipped educational institutes, apart from this we get Starbucks Cafés to hangout at , office spaces for the corporate crowd, hair and nail salons and spas and lots of greenery. It was during the downtime of economy that Marcus helped people who lost jobs and business. His principles led people from vast corners to take interest in his projects. He came across so many jobless people and in most cases gave them opportunities to work even at times when most companies were cutting their costs in an attempt to curb down material loss. As most of us are aware it is quite a job to earn a name in real estate that too in Texas. Marcus Hiles is a genius in the true sense of the term to have changed the way real estate business is done.


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