Marcus Hiles – Leading the Standard of Real Estate

Marcus Hiles came from a middle class family background. He learned early in life that hard work, persistence, focus and dedication will take people to greater heights in life. Marcus Hiles works hard to put himself through formal education. He obtained his MBA from Pepperdine University, California.

Marcus Hiles loves education and his desire for better life made him seek self-education. Before embarking on his professional journey into entrepreneurship, Marcus Hiles sought knowledge in the business world. Marcus researched the real estate landscape extensively and wanted to figure out his niche. After graduation, Marcus Hiles started Western Rim Properties, a real estate development company. Marcus Hiles approached the market from a different perceptive. Unlike, other real estate investors Western Rim offered luxurious properties at a fair rate.

Marcus Hiles goal is offering quality and affordable homes to average people. Western Rim Properties dose not just develop property, they developed the kind of properties that offer its residents the kind of lifestyle they wanted to live without breaking their bank for it. Marcus Hiles makes sure that all materials used for developing the properties that Western Rim take on, are of high qualities. Marcus Hiles remained very involved in each properties construction. Marcus Hiles makes sure that all projects under Western Rim, stands out among the packs. Dedication to the satisfaction of residents makes Western Rim a special company

Marcus Hiles makes sure his business meest the demands and criteria of his target market. The apartments Western Rim constructed are of high qualities with amenities for residents. The amenities are located within the property, so residents would not have to drive miles before accessing the amenities they wanted. This makes life much easier for residents.

Marcus Hiles used his entrepreneurship opportunity to make Western Rim Properties a major player in real estate development sectors. Marcus Hiles has eyes for good locations. He took his real estate to his target market. He chose locations that are near good schools and working environments for each property. It is safe to say that Marcus Hiles and Western Rim have found their niche .

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