Western Rim Property Services: Changing Household Sizes

Western Rim Founder Marcus Hiles is very aware of the changes in property trends across the USA. One of his observations is the change in average family size. It has dropped from 3.4 persons per households in the 1960’s to just under 2 people per household today. As a result of this there are far more households today that require a lot less square footage given the smaller household size. The average household has less total income than before when adjusted for inflation. As the average has come down to below two many households only have the one income. Households consume far less space in modern day.

Owning your own home is a classic american dream. This idea is being turned inside out by a new way of thinking. Since the housing bust in 2008, renter populations have experienced massive growth. Many people are deciding to live in cheaper mini-homes as well to save money on renting while they save for a bigger home. The renter population has swelled to 43 million households. This demand is expected to grow by 4.7 million households by 2023. this population of renters includes successful professionals, families and retirees.

Western Rim Property Services is helping to meet this demand for high quality rental properties. Echo boomers may only ever rent and never own a home. Successful young people rent and do not own. Every year the number of renters will grow by 500,000 until 2023. The maximum apartment construction in the US every year is 300,000 per year. It is evident from this that there will be a real need for more rental properties in the future. Western Rim provides the best quality and desirable apartments at the most affordable price.

Western Rim Property Services Philosophy

The goal of Marcus Hiles, founder and owner of Western Rim Property Services and its affiliate Newport Classic Homes is to develop dream communities where everyone would love to live.

The philosophy is not about leasing living space, but offering a healthy, friendly, luxury lifestyle to our residents. The communities are built in the best locations with the best schools available. Residents receive the most value and quality of life for their money. Western Rim Property Services takes great pride in being on the cutting edge of designed amenities. The luxury properties on offer are unmatched in high end signature amenities.

Estates and upgraded Grand Estate communities provide elegant apartment living. Mansions branded rental town homes give residents resort style experiences everyday. The Towers branded properties bring Chic and urban living to Texas in the form of modern loft style apartments.

Founder Marcus Hiles succeeded in providing desirable dream homes for people choosing to rent instead of buying in this modern age. As part of his philosophy Marcus gives back to the community by supporting Charities. He has supported Texas Schools, Hospitals, Churches and educational grants. He has gifted money for disadvantaged women’s programs and helped people find job through placements and other programs.

When communities are being developed much thought goes into providing environmentally friendly technologies that respect the natural habitats and help to conserve energy and resources. Western Rim property services has donated fully improved parklands, lakes, rivers and green spaces to the general public to enjoy.

Western Rim Property Services: Customer Testimonials

Over the years Western Rim Properties has had many people come and go. Its great to see the positive feedback we’ve received from previous residents. Here are some great examples:

“I must say from the bottom of my heart, we are very blessed to live here! I see everyone works very hard here – everything from leasing to maintenance – you all are very thorough – even the trash people (M – W – F). Just want to say we appreciate all you do to make this such a beautiful place to live! We thank you for your kindness, tacos, hot dogs and all your hard work!

I just want ya’ll to all know that we don’t forget what what you do!”

Elijah & Stacy


“Hello, I am a new resident at the Mansions. I moved here in March. I just wanted to email you guys and tell you what a wonderful staff you have. I have been very pleased since I moved here. It started with the first contact I made with Melanie on the phone. I actually leased the apartment over the phone. Everything is exactly the way she described it over the phone. Everyone is so professional. I was an apartment manager for several years so naturally I am critic. I use the gym daily and it is always super clean. The grounds guy does a great job of picking up. I have had one work order so far since.”



“Today I wanted to be able to enter praise for the service dept. [at Mansions at Canyon Springs]. A somewhat urgent heating situation was handled rapidly and efficiently in spite of the holiday weekend, and I wish to show appreciation and praise for the work of a good team.”


Western Rim Property Services: Resident Services

One outstanding benefit of living in a Western Rim Property apartment is the resident services on offer. Through the Western Rim Property website you can pay rent, submit maintenance requests and schedule concierge services. Its called Building link” but you can also download the App for your smartphone or tablet and take control of all your residential administrative activities.

The concierge services on offer include laundry, dry cleaning, pet sitting, carpet cleaning, housekeeping, limo/shuttle service, package acceptance/delivery and floral delivery. It doesn’t end there. You can organise for your car to be detailed, pet to be groomed, personal training at the gym, grocery deliveries, plant care and other errands.

Through “Building Link” you can organise maintenance. You will receive 24 hour emergency service, on call 24 hour lockout service, preventative maintenance, air filter replacement and professional maintenance.
The payment portal is very easy to use with the ability to have one time payments, recurring payments and Visa and Mastercard accepted. With such 5 star services on hand its not hard to see why so many people are choosing these lifestyle apartments and communities.

Western Rim Property Services Philosophy

27 years ago in 1988, Western Rim Property Services was founded. To make sure that we adhere to our missions and residents the following principles guide Western Rims Decision making process.

Western Rim Property Services provides the finest housing and choices in the best locations at the lowest possible cost. A great work environment is provided and everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Diversity is embraced as a way of life. Only the best standards are applied to construction, purchasing and customer service. Its really important that customers are excited, happy and completely satisfied. Contributing positively to neighbours environment is essential. Profitability is also valued as it is the key to current and future success.

Residents receive the most value and quality of life for their money. Each community is developed as “The Best Place in the City” and Western Rim Property Services or its affiliate Newport Classic Homes take great pride in being on the cutting edge of designed amenities. Western Rims reputation is unmatched for providing high end and signature amenities estates and upgraded Grand Estates communities. They provide elegant apartment living and luxury mansions brand rental town homes which create a resort style experience everyday. The Stylish Tower properties bring Chic and Urban living to Texas. These modern loft style apartments are highly desirable and all of these brands come with real hardwood floors, attached garages, granite kitchen counter tops, stainless steel appliances, baths with jetted tubs and 80 ounce carpet.

Communities are often found near signature championship golf courses such as the TPC San Antonio which is part of the JW Marriott Spa and Resort. You can play on top courses designed by Pete Dye, Greg Norman and Lee Trevino. Many of the Mansions Brand properties offer Golf Privileges.

Incredible views and lakefront living are often part of the package. Many properties front onto massive state forests. Many communities have largest on-site private community parks, jogging trails and trees. This thinking, really allows dream communities to be built. Great lifestyle and quality at half the price of an inner city apartment.