Marcus Hiles – Exemplary Model

Marcus Hiles is known within the Texas business world as a true success story. Raised by an inner city minister, he was not born into wealth, and started his empire from scratch, with only his will and education to help him. Marcus Hiles put himself through college, earning his Bachelor’s Degree from Rice University and then his Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. After he received his MBA, Hiles moved back home to Texas, where at the age of 28 he began building his first company. Western Rim Property Services would experience a few rough years during its transition into a full-blown profit generator, and Marcus Hiles admits to sleeping on the floor of a friend’s house when things got really tight. Keeping his business afloat and his staff paid, however, was his main priority, and he stuck to it.

Now, Marcus Hiles has reaped what he had sewn all those years ago. He and his flagship company, Western Rim, now operate and manage over 7,500 properties and homeowner’s associations, and have access to over one billion dollars in profit. How did Marcus Hiles manage to build such a successful business? He had a unique vision, especially ingenious in a real estate environment, and he decided to combine the acquisition and building of a property (condominiums, townhomes, and apartments) with the management of said property. Often, most real estate developers build the project, and use another company to handle the daily things like finding tenants, handling rent, and managing and maintaining the properties. Generally, this is very expensive, and Marcus Hiles added property management to Western Rim’s list of specialties. Not only does he own every property, but he manages and maintains them as well.

Marcus Hiles is also passionate about providing a great product to consumers, and his model has proven itself again and again. Hiles and Western Rim provide aesthetically and practically pleasing properties for rent in urban areas, where rent is generally much higher. He provides rent to families and individuals at or below market value, and makes sure his properties are close to great school districts and well-paying jobs. Western Rim properties are highly sought after, as they are just as luxurious as they are accessible.

Hiles compromised nothing in his journey towards his goal, and managed to create a company that is just as profitable to him as it is beneficial to the people he builds for. If you are looking for an exemplary model of what a business man truly is, look no further than Marcus Hiles.

Marcus D Hiles: Environment an Important Consideration

Marcus D Hiles has considerable influence as the Chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim Properties, Mansions Custom Homes, Newport Classic Homes. He has realised that the plight of the environment and the world’s trend towards 4 degrees of global warming is going to create major problems for humanity. As a property developer Marcus has seen the benefits that the planting of trees can have both at a local level and at a global scale.

In a private capacity, Marcus’s businesses have created hundreds of acres of parklands and green open spaces in the suburbs of Houston, Austin and San Antonio. There are the obvious aesthetic advantages of planting trees but also other benefits which help his business, community and broader society
Marcus D Hiles’s Environmental causes has donated rehabilitated and tree dense parks, lakes, streams and green spaces. The total value of this giving is estimated to be 4 million dollars.

Hiles companies plant trees at a greater rate than any government development regulation requirement. Trees and vegetation have the effect when directly shading buildings of reducing the energy required for air conditioning and heating buildings. Hiles explains “Trees improve air quality, lower greenhouse emissions and air pollution. They also store and sequester carbon dioxide”

Trees also have the effect of managing storm water run-off. Vegetation improves water quality by absorbing and filtering rainwater. Trees are home to many species of wildlife and help improve quality of life for all animals including people.
Hiles companies sequesters 151344 pounds of carbon dioxide per year through annual tree planting. This is quite impressive when you realise that this creates enough oxygen for over 6200 people to live on.