Marcus Hiles On Benefits Of On-Site Walking Paths

Eminent Dallas property developer Marcus Hiles knows what renters want when choosing a new home. Yet one important feature probably remains off of most people’s checklists of must-have amenities: walking trails. Hiles advises apartment hunters to be on the lookout for a clear presence of recreational pathways throughout the site of the unit. As the Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, a company that has designed and currently manages more than 15,000 rentals in cities across Texas, Hiles knows personally about the many benefits multi-use walkways hold for residents.


Marcus Hiles Prepared To Serve Local Markets

As CEO of Western Rim Property Services, a regional developer specializing in luxury rental communities, Marcus Hiles understands that the Texas Association of Realtors’ report will help him to understand local markets and their needs. “At Western Rim, we are constantly monitoring industry temperature and momentum to understand what our customers need most,” Hiles discussed. “The Association’s recent findings offer invaluable insight to our team regarding the current status of regional property sales. Most importantly, it proves that the state’s overall real estate vertical is thriving. It’s an exciting time to live in Texas.”

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Energy Efficient Appliances Can Bring About Savings of 50% – Marcus Hiles

Environmental advocacy is key to the fundamentals of famous Texas property developer Marcus Hiles.“Making neighborhoods that perform in harmony with the ecosystem and lower carbon impact is truly my commitment,” he notes. Hiles, who is Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, has translated his viewpoint into activity in around 15,000 upscale rental townhomes and apartments in the Lone Star State. An important part of his eco-friendly building methods is installing devices labeled by the the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as ENERGY STAR. Since the program’s introduction in 1992, Americans’ ENERGY STAR usage has lowered carbon emissions by 283.2 million metric tons. With the typical Texan spending $1,650 annually in electrical bills and another $400 annually for natural gas, power efficient devices mean savings as high as 50 percent.

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Renters Spend More Time in Recreation Than Homeowners – Marcus Hiles

Like everything in Texas, even the market for sophisticated living is bigger. Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, remarks that almost all properties in Texas are luxurious allowing renters opportunities to live an upscale lifestyle.
“A growing number of singles, families, empty nesters, and retirees are finding satisfaction through renting,” he states. “Across the U.S. the number of tenants is expected to grow by a half million each year through 2023.”
There is a definite question on why renting is preferred over owning. Hiles states that, in Texas and across the country, people look forward to the flexibility a rental accommodation permits. “We’re a mobile population,” he suggests. “The idea of settling in one place for a decade – or for the length of a 30-year mortgage – doesn’t hold the same attractiveness as it did a generation or two ago.” Demystifying the myth that owners have an advantage when it comes to personal happiness, Hiles points to research that highlights that renters enjoy more happiness. “People who rent actually spend more time engaging in recreational activities and interacting with their friends and neighbors,” he adds.

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Marcus Hiles Donates Computers For Underserved Texas Students

Marcus Hiles Donates Computers For Underserved Texas Students

Property developer and CEO of Western Rim Property Services and Newport Classic Homes, Marcus Hiles has donated 200 new Dell computers to inner city children in Texas, continuing a lifelong dedication to providing critical help to less fortunate individuals and communities. Hiles’ generous gift, valued at over $100,000, will be used to help young inner city students enhance their education, pursue future goals, and remain focused on personal growth.

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Marcus Hiles On Quality Units In The Suburbs

Many years ago, a large number of suburban towns was built on manufacturing, education and other services which were a clear fulfillment of the American dream. Nowadays, those areas are encountering major changes, both in lifestyle and population-wise. Marcus Hiles points out to the fact that people between 25 and 34 are moving to the suburbs of cities such as Atlanta, Nashville, Austin and Charlotte and making major changes to the real estate market. More and more quality apartments are being constructed across the state and Marcus Hiles won’t let you miss the opportunity to get one. Read on here

Marcus Hiles Celebrates U.S. Census Report On State’s Impressive Growth Patterns

Late December, the U.S. Census released its 2016 population estimates for state-by-state growth from 2015 to 2016, which reported Texas as the sole state with greatest gains. Real estate expert Marcus Hiles believes the nation-leading increase is a positive sign, as population spikes have historically coincided with market expansion. Hiles is Founding Chairman & CEO of the acclaimed Western Rim Property Services, Texas’ largest developer of luxury rental communities featuring stunning designs, scenic landscapes, world-class amenities and comprehensive lifestyle services.

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Hiles Notes Texas Outperforming Other States On Venture Investment

According to a report from multinational firm Ernst & Young, U.S. capital investment rose $16 billion from 2014. The state of Texas recorded $48.3 billion in business financing, which ranked first in the country, while Gulf Coast states who are traditional leaders in the energy industry attracted the most investors for the fifth year in a row. Marcus Hiles notes that forty percent of those funds were lent to chemical manufacturing facilities, of which seventy percent were new, liquefied natural gas export compounds. The Lone Star State also outperformed others in the financial, technology, and professional service fields with 38,400 mobile project jobs, the greatest number in the nation.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses Modern Trends In Suburban Living

The redefinition of the suburbs is a recent phenomenon that Marcus Hiles attributes to the influx of new real estate opportunities in urban settings. After WWII, people moved to the outskirts of the city where sprawling houses and yards with white picket fences showed a new American dream. These neighbourhoods, however, rarely had amenities or diversity, instead opting for row upon row of cookie cutter houses. The types of communities that are blooming now are much more diverse. Companies like Western Rim Property Services are developing residential areas outside of major urban centers that come equipped with shops and services, parks and recreation. As well, apartment buildings and multi-family options are high in demand and becoming an integral part of the new suburbs, allowing people to find homes that fit their unique wants and needs.

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Marcus Hiles Paves Way For Suburban Rental Revival

For prior generations, suburban communities built on manufacturing, education and other services were the centerpiece of the American Dream. Nowadays, many towns are changing rapidly to accommodate a strengthening consumer market with modern living and spending habits. Population growth rates in suburbs outside of Dallas, Austin, Charlotte, Atlanta, San Antonio, Houston, Denver, Nashville and Portland are now exceeding their urban counterparts via new, transit oriented communities. The Urban Land Institute reported in December their findings: “contrary to popular perception and most media attention, three-quarters of 25 to 34 year olds in the 50 largest metro areas live in the suburbs.” Marcus Hiles welcomes Millenials’ preference to continue to rent as they leave the city with is luxury rental options, and notes that across the country, upscale apartments are being constructed at an astonishing rate, converting former manufacturing sites and undeveloped areas into upscale living spaces flush with amenities.

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